I didn’t even know what day it is until about an hour ago. I have been up, sick, for more than 24 hours. I am such a humongous baby when I’m sick, and I’m so thankful it doesn’t happen often. Today is day 3 of my couch surfin’ and with luck it’s the last day. Luckily Papa was home all day yesterday and part of today to get things done and make sure Logan was uh, dressed and fed and cared for, but I cried and cried when he left today. There are very few moments when I wish I had a nanny or a babysitter or something like that but this is definitely one of them. Logan is just SO high energy and I feel awful not being able to keep up with him when I know he wants me to. On top of which, I don’t want to get him sick again (he got me sick but his was much more mild and I’m not really sure where we picked it up). He’s napping now and I’m
praying we have a smooth, peaceful evening. Fingers crossed.


Have a great weekend!!


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