I sometimes can’t believe how absolutely unlucky we are. And in the next breath, I can’t believe how lucky we are.

Our carbon monoxide detector went off. Our heater is on the fritz, which means no heat until our landlord replaces it. It’s been between the negatives and 17* outside. Brilliant timing. Half of the outlets in our kitchen just stopped working. Of course it’s the fridge. Now my fridge is running on an extension cord until that gets fixed. With a tiny toddler running around. Uh
… okay. Okay fine. No heat, extension cord but at least we have the fridge to keep the food we do have, because I already overspent our food budget and there’s still 10 days before it gets replaced. Okay fine. Now the bathroom sink just stops draining. All of a sudden. And there’s a drip. So by morning my sink is on the verge of overflow. So I wake up to a carbon monoxide detector going off, immediately losing all the heat in my house, no fridge, and an overflowing sink.

But at least we have each other.

How many times can that tide me through rough times? When do we get a break?!

Please, Lord, let it come soon.